Bellevue/Issaquah Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Trout Unlimited Mission: Conserve, protect and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

The Bellevue/Issaquah chapter of Trout Unlimited main focus is conservation. The group is made of up people who want to give back so that future generations can not only enjoy experiences on rivers and lakes like we experienced, but to have better experiences. Please see our projects page to see the environmental projects we are currently involved in. We would love to have you join us on any of the activities. Please reach out to the contact person to find out how you can participate.

We are also active in our community. The Events page has upcoming activities and meetings. You are welcome to drop in at any of the meetings. If you would like to be involved in any of the events, please reach out to the contact person to find out how you can participate.

Officers for 2017-2018

  Name Phone Email
President Mark Taylor  (206)200-2840
Vice-President Shawn Broadhead
Secretary Steve Laing
Treasurer Kevin Ostendorf
Bear Creek       Gary Smith
 Cedar River  Shawn Broadhead
Kokanee  Mark Taylor, Gary Smith, Brad Throssell
Development/Fundraising Mark Taylor
 Run with the Kokanee  Mark Taylor 
 Fly Fishing Film Tour  Mark Taylor, Robert Metzger
 Fry Trapping  Mark Taylor, Robert Metzger, Mark Getzendaner, Duane Nascimento, Dave Kyle
Mitch Irsfeld
 Website Editor  Mitch Irsfeld
 Social Media     Sam Shermer
 Calendar  Steve Laing
 Web Master  Bill Gerdts, Shawn Broadhead
Salmon Days Mark Getzendaner, Brad Throssell
Fry Counting Mark Getzendaner, Robert Metzger, Wally Johnson
Fishing Outings John Silvey
Membership Denis Ransmeier
Fly Casting Clinic John Silvey, Robert Metzger
 Veterans Services  Robert Metzger
 Langlois Lake Fishout  Robert Metzger
Women/Diversity Chair Brad Throssell
 Youth Activities  Sam Shermer
 Quartermaster  Robert Metzger
 Technical Advisor &   Handyman  Duane Nascimento

 Meeting Minutes

 Every month our chapter has a board meeting where upcoming activities, budgets and projects are discussed and planned.  Links to minutes for these meetings will be posted below.  Just click on the link for the month's minutes you want to view.
 At the Annual Planning meeting, the budget for the upcoming fiscal year is established.  To view the budget for 2018, click here.