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 Welcome to the Bellevue/Issaquah Chapter 109 of Trout Unlimited

Monthly Meeting
- Chapter monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month,  normally beginning at 7:00 pm.

The next  meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 14.  For this meeting, we are asking members who smoke salmon to bring a sample to share and submit to our smoked salmon savy judges.  The winning entry will receive an appropriate prize.  If you wish to participate, please contact Mark Taylor at emtbckt@msn.com. 

In addition, there will be project updates, fishing reports, raffles, good food and brew.  There is lots of activity regarding our chapter's projects to save the little red fish!  Be sure to come and learn about these activities.  Be sure to bring your friends!

As part of the annual Christmas party in December, we will be having a fishing equipment "white elephant" gift exchange.  Think about the "useful" items (value less then $10) that you have in your tackle box that will make a wonderful gift for one of your fellow chapter members.

The meeting will be held at the 
Issaquah Brew House
35  W Sunset Way
Issaquah, WA

Run with the Kokanee  -  The 4th Annual Run with the Kokanee Fun Run and Walk will be held on Saturday, October 17 at the Lake Sammamish State Park.  We are hoping to increase the number of runners/walkers over last year's total with the goal of raising even more money for our Kokanee restoration projects on Lake Sammamish.  Registration for the run is now open!  You (and your friends) and can register at this site - http://nwtrailruns.com/events/run-with-the-kokanee/

Pontoon Boat  for Sale -The chapter recently received a donation of a pontoon boat, which will be sold to a chapter member at a very good price!  It was used one time, so it is in excellent condition.  The pontoon boat is shown below.  Click on the picture for a larger view. 

The pontoon boat was made by Fish Cat.  More information on the boat can be found by clicking on Outcast's web site.  Retail price for the boat is $999, but we are selling it for only $500!

If you are interested in purchasing this nice pontoon boat, contact Brad Throssell.

Click for larger image

Wild Steelhead Initiative -On November 20, 2014 Trout Unlimited launched its "Wild Steelhead Initiative."  This is an effort to protect and restore wild steelhead that used to be abundant in streams in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Alaska.  Now, 70% of the wild steelhead populations in these state require federal protection.  We must act now if we are to preserve remnants of the original runs in streams in our area.  To see what Trout Unlimited is doing and see how you can get involved, click here.  While at the web site, but sure to sign the credo to show that you agree with the goal of recovering wild steelhead!

Trout Unlimited Online Radio - Program hosts Rabekah Jensen and Mark Taylor are always lining up interesting speakers for their programs.  Information on the next scheduled program will be given here as it becomes available. 

To listen to past broadcasts, click here.

Chapter Logo Merchandise for Sale  -  As a fund raiser, the chapter is selling some chapter logoed merchandise.  We have the following items:

  • T-shirts - $20 each
  • Stainless steel travel mug - $20 each
  • Ceramic coffee cup - $10
  • Mouse pad - $10 each
These items can be purchased at the chapter meetings or by contacting Brad Throssell.  Pictures of these items are shown below. (Click on the image for a larger view.)

Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image

Fishing Outings  -Details on the next outing can be found here.

Board Meetings - The next board meeting will be held on Wednesday,  October 28 at 7:00 pm.   Location will be the Issaquah Brew House in Issaquah.  All chapter members are welcome.  

Facebook - Check out Facebook to see pictures of the Fun Run, chapter activities and fish outs   facebook 

Our chapter supports the Trout Unlimited Teens program. Check out the program's Facebook page   TU Teens 

Calendar - To see a calendar that shows our meeting schedules and activities for 2015, click here.

- We can always use donations to help us with our projects.  You can donate to our chapter simply by  clicking here.  Members who work for companies like Microsoft and Boeing can use their gift matching programs to increase donation amounts to our chapter.

Our chapter is committed to saving/restoring Kokanee Salmon in Lake Sammamish.   Click here to follow our actvities and learn how to get involved. 

The mission of Trout Unlimited is "To conserve, protect and restore America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds" with the vision of "ensuring that robust populations of native and wild coldwater fish once again thrive within their North American range, so that our children can enjoy healthy fisheries in their home waters."

Help us save our Lake Sammamish Kokanee!

No Pebble Mine!Save Our SalmonSeafood Watch

Updated -  September 8, 2015
About Us
This is the Bellevue/Issaquah Chapter of Trout Unlimited.
For a list of 2015 officers and to read meeting minutes, 
go here ...

At the end of the year, we present awards to chapter members and others.  To see award recipients,  go here

Chapter membership total - 642

To see a calendar of chapter  activities  go here ...

Make a donation to Bellevue-Issaquah Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Click here to donate.

The presentations from the Wild Steelhead Summit that took place on April 18 are available for viewing on a YouTube channel.  To view the presentations, 
click here

The Washington Department of Ecology has created a web page that shows areas that are expected to experience drought conditions this year.  To view it, 
click here

Here's an interesting article about warm ocean conditions that may affect salmon and steelhead. To read, 
click here

The Water Resources department of the Dept of Ecology has produced a video on "Instream Flow Rules."  To view the video, 
click here

WDFW has submitted to the National Marine Fisheries (NMFS) a Hatchery and Genetic Management Plan (HGMP) for Green River winter-late run endemic (or wild) steelhead.  To read this plan,  click here

The City of Issaquah is working with the Puget SoundCorps to remove invasive plants along Issaquah and Tibbets Creeks. For more information,
click here

The Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River may be designated as a "Wild and Scenic" river.  For more information, 
click here

WDFW is working with a student to study how oil spills could travel in the Salish Sea.  Part of the study involves using "drift cards."    For more information, click here

Under tough conditions, biologists are tracking salmon and steelhead returning in the Elwha River.  For more detail, click here

WDFW and Wild Fish Conservancy reach agreement on "early winter" hatchery steelhead releases.  For more information,  click here ...

WDFW designates three tributaries of Columbia River as wild steelhead gene banks.  For more details,  click here ...

Lawsuits could lead to changes in fish hatchery operations in Washington and Oregon.  For more information, click here...

Since removal of two dams on the Rogue River in Oregon, Chinook salmon are moving further upstream, click here...

The Elwha River is seeing its largest return of chinook salmon in decades! For more details, click here...

Chinook salmon are returning in significant numbers to previously inaccessible portions of the Elwha River!  For more details, click here...

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has placed Lake Sammamish in its new Urban Partnership Program.  For more information,  click here...

Learn about the proposed "run of river" hydro project for the North Fork of the Snoqualmie river click here...

Read Andy Batcho's article about  "mystery" chemicals killing coho salmon click here...

Read Dallas Cross' last fishing article as he moves to Boise, Id.  To read,  click here...

Washington Recreation & Conservation Office releases State of the Salmon in Watersheds Report  . To view,  click here...

Read Dallas Cross' article on sturgeon fishing opportunities Read here...

Read Dallas Cross' article on how fly tying is healing veterans. Read here...

Read Dallas Cross' article on waste water treatment issues. Read here...

Read Dallas Cross' article on fishing for Cutthroat trout in saltwater Read here...

Read Dallas Cross' latest article about fishing access rights and Washington stream access laws Read here...

Kokanee Project
To view a video of the 5th annual kokanee fry release ceremony,  click here...

Take a look at the Kokanee Recovery Strategic Timeline.  To view,  click here...

Read Dallas Cross' article explaining where the Kokanee have gone Read here...

Read Dallas Cross' article describing the long term fix needed for Kokanee in Lake Sammamish  Read here...

Here's some pictures of the culvert replacement project on Ebright Creek Click here...

Here's a USFWS video about the Kokanee fry release.   click here...

Here's a USFWS video about the Kokanee supplmentation project.  click here...

Here's some USFWS pictures and information on Lake Sammamish kokanee.   Click here...

Find out what we're doing to help restore the Kokanee population in Lake Sammamish here.

Read a copy of the latest plan for supplementation of late-run kokanee in Lake Sammamish Click here...

Here's Hans Berge's Kokanee presentation from the general meeting on Feb 10, 2010 Click here...

Bear Creek Project
Read about a new project whose goal is to enhance lower Bear Creek in Redmond Click here

Trout Unlimited is working with Water Tenders to measure the effect of pollutants from SR520 on Bear Creek water quality Read more here
Fishing Report
Where are the fishing hotspots? More importantly, where are the fish?! We're not telling! No, really, go here.
Conservation Organizations

Friends of the Cedar River Watershed

Mountains to Sea Greenway

Sno-King Watershed Council

TU Youth
Read about Marvista  School's "Salmon in the Classroom" project...

Kids, do you have the Boy Scout fly-fishing merit badge
 More about fly-fishing merit badge

Cast for Kids Events -  September 8 - Renton.  For more information, click
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